Jaclynn has been playing poker professionally since 2013. She prefers cash games to tournaments because of the lower variance nature of cash games, where a losing month is a rare occurrence. She also appreciates the deeper complexity of cash game play versus tournament play.

At the beginning of her poker career she obtained coaching from 2 players with a combined 40 years of live and online playing experience. This smoothed her transition from being only an amateur who had only played in home games and dabbled online, to someone who quite quickly became a winning player at local cardrooms. She credits her coaches with not only giving her invaluable advice and training, but also with pointing her in the right direction of the best resources available that would help her improve her play.

Her strong foundation in mathematics made it easy to transition to the probabilistic thinking required in poker. Additionally, she credits, in part, her background studying psychiatry and observing human behavior as being beneficial to psychological aspects of the game.

Jaclynn started off playing 1-2 NLH and progressed to higher stakes as both her skill level and bankroll grew. Today, she continues to primarily play NLH, but has also began studying and playing other variants such as PLO and PLO8. Jaclynn is also very skilled at the fast-paced game of open face chinese poker, specifically the pineapple variant. Considering herself an ambassador for this game, she enthusiastically promotes it whenever she can.

According to Jaclynn, “One thing that has been paramount to my success is continually discussing strategy and reviewing hand histories with other winning players. Poker is constantly evolving, and being that it is an unsolved game that not even a computer can play perfectly, anyone who is not committed to working on their game is at an undeniable disadvantage.” Jaclynn goes on to say, “I have a very easy time putting in incredibly long sessions when the game is good. Never underestimate the importance of game selection and quality hours.”  

Jaclynn is primarily based out of South Florida where she has been known to work with cardrooms to organize games at stakes bigger than what they normally spread. While most of her playing time occurs in South Florida, she also travels for poker, having made many trips to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Atlantic City, and several places in between.


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Poker Writing

“What Scientists Have Learned From Studying Poker Players” published in Card Player Magazine in Nov 2014

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Poker author Dr. Alan N. Schoonmaker on Jaclynn:

“Dr. Jaclynn Moskow is an extraordinarily bright, helpful, generous, and thorough person. We have never met, but she spent many unpaid hours editing my book, Stay Young; Play Poker. Our mutual friend, David Sklansky, introduced us and I asked her to comment on a draft of the book, hoping to receive a few suggestions. I was amazed by the amount and quality of the work she did. She pointed out errors I had made in interpreting research, suggested reading additional research, and made dozens of improvements in the organization, style, and grammar. Nobody but paid editors have ever worked so hard on my books, and she did it for a friend of a friend whom she had never met. I will always be grateful for her generosity and expertise.”

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